How to Self-Publish Without Robbing a Bank or Going Crazy

Jo-Ann Carson

Have you always wanted to publish a book?

Do your have a memoir, collection of short stories or novel that you want to share with others? There has never been a better time to self-publish than now. It’s easy and inexpensive.

In this three-hour workshop we’ll discuss:

  • the constantly-evolving publishing world and talk about where your book fits into it
  • the basic mechanics of  self-publishing (i.e., 1) creating files for e-publishing platforms like Kobo and Amazon using Pressbooks and 2) creating print books-on-demand through Amazon’s Create Space)
  • what you need to know about social media if you’re interested in promoting your book(s)  (i.e., blogging, Twitter, Facebook)

Discussion will be punctuated by guided, writing assignments aimed at helping you prepare your manuscript (i.e., your  author bio and book blurb).Participants should bring paper and pen. They may also want to bring a laptop or tablet.

3 hour Workshops on Indie Publishing:

February 23, Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo

                    "I attended your class yesterday, was brilliant. I learned a lot.  :)"                                              testimonial from  Deborah on  FB

October 27, Vancouver Island University Nanaimo

December 8, Vancouver Island University, Parksville